Experiences Panel

Experiences Panel

A group of current and recent undergraduates (just like you!) who’ve participated in a variety of summer/semester career-building programs will share their experiences and answer your questions.


  • Zhaosen Guo

Zhaosen Guo is a Chinese graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing an MSE in Data Science. He is Senior Statistician at Netter Center for Community Partnerships and Research Assistant at Wharton ESG Lab. Previously, he completed his undergraduate degree at Hamilton College, where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies (in Data Science). He was a data science/research tutor and conducted research due to the Emerson Grant and the Digital Humanities Initiative Research Fellow. He also participated in the Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato (MSSG) study abroad program at CIMAT, Mexico.

  • Kimberly Hadaway

Kimberly Hadaway is a first-generation Mathematics Ph.D. student at Iowa State University. She attended a public STEM magnet program in high school and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (and Chemistry!) from Williams College in 2021. During her summers enrolled at Williams, she participated in various opportunities on-campus, off-campus, and remotely. Kimberly has conducted novel chemistry research related to aerosol matter under the guidance of a Williams professor, completed a mathematical Teaching Experience for Undergraduates (TEU) hosted at Brown University, and collaborated during a graph-theory-related Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) hosted by Illinois State University (which resulted in a publication!). After graduation, she attended the Summer Session held by the Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Program, a program for women who are earning their doctoral mathematics degrees, and she has also participated with the Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) Summer Program, where she worked as a Counselor and as a Teaching Assistant to show middle-school-aged students how awesome math can be.

  • Joy Hamlin

Joy Hamlin is a first year math PhD student at Rutgers University. During undergrad, she was a math/physics double major at Stony Brook, and wrote a senior thesis in algebraic topology, specifically knot theory. Last summer, she taught high school students at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics, and in previous summers she has participated in the TREND REU in physics and nonlinear dynamics at the University of Maryland College Park and in the DIMACS mathematics REU at Rutgers.

  • Josephine Reynes

I'm a Ph.D student at the University of Waterloo. I did my master’s at Texas State University and while there participated in a number of mathematical programs. I conducted research in hyper graph theory under Lucas Rusnak and I worked every summer with a research experience program for high school and middle school students know as Mathworks. I’ve also participated in a short term research group Problem Solvers and belonged to math centric groups like MathClub and Pi Mu Epsilon.

  • Daniel Tedeschi (he/him)

Daniel Tedeschi is a queer, first-generation fourth year student at Grinnell College. His research interests lie in arithmetic geometry. The experiences that encouraged him to pursue mathematical research include REUs at Clemson University and Pomona College, as well as participation in the 2021 Arizona Winter School.

  • Abigail Zion (she/her)

Abigail Zion is a senior from Bradenton, Florida at Tulane University majoring in Math and minoring in Public Health. Upon graduating in December, she will begin work in the healthcare practice at an economic consulting firm called Analysis Group in Boston, MA, who she interned with this past summer. After her sophomore year, she participated in two REUs: one with the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute at Arizona State University, and one called the Polymath REU. Additionally, she has done research at Tulane in disease modeling and is working on an honors thesis studying mathematical models of feral cat populations. She has been involved in Math Club at Tulane since she was a freshman and is currently serving as the president. She is passionate about creating a community within mathematics and getting undergraduates involved in research and other opportunities.