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This is the Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians. 

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We are hosting our Conference workshop on 

Saturday, May 27th at 12:00pm Eastern time on Zoom! 

We will discuss finding conferences that are a good fit for you and finding funding for travel and registration costs. We will also discuss how to prepare to present at a conference and how to make the most of your experience at a conference during the time that you aren’t presenting. Whether you are hoping to attend and present at a specific conference in the near future or are simply wondering if attending a conference without presenting anything would be of interest to you, you are welcome to come. We hope to answer any questions you have.

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Please share our flyers with your school, students, friends, pets, or anyone you think might be interested!

This year's flyer

(Flyer PNG with alt text below,  flyer PDF here, and separate alt text description of flyer here.)

The poster has a dark green background and black frame around two textboxes. The textbox at the top says in bold white text, “Third Annual OURFA^2M^2.” The text is over a Voronoi diagram with cells in different shades of brown.   Below the textbox is the smaller white text: “Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians.”   The bottom two-thirds of the poster is a tan/peach-shaded rectangular textbox. The text reads, “For marginalized, minoritized, underrepresented, and underserved undergraduate mathematicians, it can feel difficult to gather the information you need to build your career. We’ve been there, and we’ve got your back.   November 19 & 20, 2022 on Zoom. 8am-4pm Pacific / 11am-7pm Eastern. Registration and information at ourfa2m2.org.   This free, virtual conference, done in partnership with the Mathematical Association of America, and with a grant from the National Science Foundation, DUE-2230388, will include: (1) Panel of representatives of summer and semester opportunities, (2) Panel of students who have participated in such programs, (3) Crash courses in common undergraduate math research fields, (4) Personal stories of mathematicians’ formative experiences, and (5) Other talks and activities to network and share resources   Please register by 11:59 pm Pacific on November 12 to join us. Late registrations may be accepted via email. No experience required and all are welcome! Contact ourfa2m2@gmail.com with questions.”   Above the Voronoi diagram in the top-left and top-right corners respectively are the NSF and MAA logos. The NSF logo is an Earth globe with "NSF" in serif white font, with the globe surrounded by a gold medallion. The MAA logo is in the bottom right-hand corner. The MAA logo is composed of three parts: the MAA mark or Icosahedron, the MAA acronym in bold font to the right of the Icosahedron, and the full name of the association in capital letters below. It is a bright blue color with lines shading the Icosahedron.

General flyer 

(in png below, in PDF here)

This flyer is year non-specific, so you can put it on your website, your office door, or your department bulletin board without worrying about it becoming out of date. 

Our Mission

As young mathematicians ourselves, we think a lot about the career-building opportunities we missed out on because we weren’t “in the know.” This is often because we didn’t come from families with ties to academia, didn’t attend the schools that those opportunities are promoted at, don't fit the mold of a "typical" mathematician in the eyes of those who should be looking out for us, or just slipped through the cracks of the educational pipeline in another way. Our goal is to share those resources with other undergrads so that more of us will know about and have access to the kind of career-building opportunities that were valuable to us or that we wish we’d known about sooner.

Please feel free to contact us at ourfa2m2@gmail.com with questions, recommendations, or anything else you'd like to share with us. We're passionate about this project and want to make it as beneficial to as many of our undergrad mathematician peers as possible. 

You're not alone on your mathematical journey. You're with us now.

- Alvaro Carbonero, Ashka Dalal, Brittany Gelb, Michael N. Johnson III, Bowen Li, Zoe Markman, Jenna Race, Luke Seaton, Vanessa Sun, Lee Trent