Saturday Plenary Speaker: 

Dr. Federico Ardila 

Professor of Mathematics, San Francisco State University

TODXS CUENTAN: Difference, Humanity, and Belonging in Mathematics

Everyone can have joyful, meaningful, and empowering mathematical experiences; but no single mathematical experience is joyful, meaningful, and empowering to everyone. How do we build mathematical spaces where every participant can thrive? Audre Lorde advises us to use our differences to our advantage. bell hooks highlights the key role of building community while addressing power dynamics. Rochelle Gutierrez emphasizes the importance of welcoming students’ full humanity. This talk will discuss some efforts to implement these ideas in mathematical contexts, and some lessons learned along the way. 

Sunday Plenary Speaker: 

Dr. Deanna Haunsperger

John E. Sawyer Professor of Liberal Learning and Professor of Mathematics, Carleton College

Community and Belonging in Mathematics

How can building communities in mathematics help in our ongoing quest to make mathematics more inclusive?  From social psychologists we can learn the importance of individuals feeling accepted, valued, and legitimate within their community -- the importance of a sense of belonging.  From successful communities we can learn the power, in the form of resilience and perseverance, that their members enjoy.  Armed with this information, we can create communities to support members of underrepresented groups in mathematics.