This year's flyer

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The poster has a colorful Voronoi diagram background with a black frame around two textboxes. The textbox at the top says in bold white font, “Fourth Annual OURFA^2M^2.” Below this, in smaller white font, the text says: “Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement and Alliance of Marginalized Mathematicians.”  The bottom two-thirds of the poster is a turquoise-shaded rectangular textbox. The text reads, “For marginalized, minoritized, underrepresented, and underserved undergraduate mathematicians, it can feel difficult to gather the information you need to build your career. We’ve been there, and we’ve got your back.   November 18 & 19, 2023 on Zoom. Registration and information at   This free, virtual conference, done in partnership with the Mathematical Association of America, and with grant DUE-2333129 from the National Science Foundation will include: (1) A panel of representatives of summer and semester opportunities, (2) A panel of students who have participated in such programs, (3) Crash courses in common undergraduate math research fields, (4) Personal stories of mathematicians’ formative experiences, and (5) Other talks and activities to network and share resources   Please register by 11:59 pm Pacific on November 10 to join us. No experience required and all are welcome! Contact with questions.”   On either side of the conference dates are the NSF, MAA and OUR-FAM logos. The NSF logo on the right of the conference date; it is an Earth globe with "NSF" in serif white font, with the globe surrounded by a gold medallion. The MAA logo is on the left of the conference date; it is composed of three parts: the MAA mark or Icosahedron, the MAA acronym in bold font to the right of the Icosahedron, and the full name of the association in capital letters below. It is a bright blue color with lines shading the Icosahedron. The OUR-FAM logo is also on the left of the conference date, right above the MAA logo; it is a brown, slightly stretched-to-the-left, hexagon (the stretch to the left has made the hexagon go from regular to irregular) with the letters O, U and R on the top half of the hexagon and F, A-squared and M-squared on the bottom half.

General flyer 

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